About Alberto Palatchi

Our story

Since its beginnings in 1922 in a small atelier in Paseo de Gracia, the Palatchi family is the family saga that has been dedicated for the longest time to dress women around the world on their most special day. Alberto Palatchi represents the know-how of three generations dedicated to bridal fashion and was born with the aim of keeping alive a unique style that has marked a before and after in the world of bridal.



Alberto Palatchi employs an extensive creative process that results in unique pieces claiming the family’s most personal essence of savoir-faire through neat designs that strive to enhance every bride’s natural beauty. By constantly researching new trends, a timeless style and haute couture techniques, every wedding gown exudes uniqueness that reflects the savoir-faire of three generations dedicated to bridal fashion.


Made with high quality fabrics, such as guipure or brocade, Alberto Palatchi's designs seek to create the perfect piece for each bride, taking care of details, lines and fabrics. The attention to detail guarantees the highest quality in each and every dress, from the initial design sketches to the final assembly, resulting in the creation of dresses with a unique essence.


Timeless elegance, quality and attention to detail define the essence of the firm's dresses. Simple and clean in design, with high quality fabrics and materials. An elegance that follows predetermined patterns based on the accumulated knowledge of the Palatchi family and embraces new concepts creating exclusive, elegant designs for modern women.



Alberto Palatchi is based on tradition. The values rooted in the Palatchi family are reflected in the company's culture. Values such as commitment to quality, customer service and social responsibility.


A style characterized by its attention to detail and timeless design, combining classic elegance with modern touches to create a timeless and sophisticated look. A unique style that pampers every detail and makes each piece unique.


An extensive savoir-faire that has been passed down three generations and withstood the tests of time. A close relationship between the past and the present, timeless classics and current trends.

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